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Bhavya is a Sanskrit word meaning Auspicious; Suitable; Excellent. The mission of Bhavya Rehabilitation Clinic (BRC) in keeping with its meaning: is to “Provide intensive early intervention and therapeutic services that allow all children to experience educational learning, social and family success.”

Our Vision is to

“Create an environment of skilful holistic cognitive development for all children: in an increasingly inclusive educational ecosystem…” Towards fulfilling these goals and objectives, In 2013, BRC started, this child development centre located in east delhi with a goal to promote awareness about various developmental and neurological disabilities. The one and only centre in area to cater early detection and interventional support and services along with a focus on stimulation techniques and parental training. Further, BRC dedicates itself to individual one-to-one therapeutic services, as needed.
1. Speech, Early intervention services
2. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) i.e.
3. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy,
4. Special Education
5. Behaviour Modification
All aligned to the philosophy of Early Intervention. Global studies have shown that early intervention, from as early as 0 to 3 years, is a proven methodology to work against and counteract growth delays and developmental and sensory setbacks that children may have suffered.
Such services are offered on an Outpatient basis as well as in-house to our students at Bhavya Rehabilitation Clinic, Child Development Centre.


In pursuit of our Vision of creating a skilful cognitive development environment, we reach out to schools, principals, educational decision makers and parents (and guardians) to promote awareness and make a referral system if any child with any red flags are seen and get earliest possible technical support and intervention .

Various doctors ( paediatrician / development paediatrician ) and other medical fraternity are also sensitised time to time for early referral to make sure that child with developmental difficulties becomes a potential member of society by giving appropriate on time intervention .

Parent training programs are essential part of BRC’s protocol for sensitisation of parent and stimulation of child on regular intervals . BRC is dedicated to give best possible therapeutic interventional services to the society and promote a healthy and inclusive ecosystem .

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(Dr.) Vibha Sharma

Phd. Open University of Netherland (Disability Management)
MCEC (USA), MAPA (USA), MISEI (University of Washington, USA) MA(Psychology), BRT