Cognitive Skills Training Classes

In association with COG -Ed innovations , BRC has initiated this unique program which licensed and country’s first program covering 14 essential developmental domains in a single fold to cater holistic development of a chid .The domains are as following –
1. Receptive language
2. Expressive language
3. Social skills
4. Imitation
5. Play
6. Gross motor
7. Fine motor
8. Cognition
9. Behaviour
10. Personal independence
11. Joint attention
12.Sensory protocol
13. Art integrated module
14. Happiness module .
The child will get a holistic input in all areas of development at once with our program which has essentially got 420 task oriented activities. The program is deeply researched and activities are scientifically proven to improve the cognitive output of child .

Occupational therapy helps children with physical, sensory or cognitive disability to be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. It improves their cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills and enhances their self esteem and sense of

Physiotherapy is used to maximise child’s ability to move and control joint movement in order to promote health and well being. It takes the holistic approach by looking at the child’s body as a whole rather than focusing on individual factors. It improves child’s strength & mobility by teaching them more effective ways
to manage their condition.

Speech therapy is used for treating children with speech disorders like language disorders (receptive and expressive), articulation, fluency, voice and resonance disorders and also feeding or oral problems.

Psychological services caters to the needs of children with:
• Behavioral problems
• Emotional issues
• Educational and learning problems
• Developmental and other psychological issues.

Psychological training programs are also conducted by BRC to promote mental health services for the children with special needs.

Special education involves the individually planned and systemically monitored teaching procedures that addresses their individual differences and needs. It helps learners with special needs in achieving a higher level of personal self sufficiency and
success in the school and the community.

Counselling helps the parents as well as the child itself in finding appropriate solutions for their children and also teaches them coping strategies for the same.

Parental support groups provide a forum for the parents of children with special needs to interact among themselves and learn about coping their problem and sharing pent up emotions.

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